Why I Left Social Media

8:08 PM Paul Horn 0 Comments

I thought I would take a minute and say a few words about why I left "social media," and by social media, I mean Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, and all the rest. 

No Friends

For one, I understand that solo classical and fingerstyle guitar is not everyone's cup of tea. When you throw in the desire to play hymns and glorify God with your music, that field narrows even more. I literally had zero friends on Twitter. I even tried Gab and Parler at one point, but found it .... disappointing. Especially after the 2020 elections, it seemed to me that people just wanted to fight more. Well, let them fight over the sandbox and I'll continue on making music and honing my craft.

No One Following the Feeds 

As much work as I was doing on arrangements and videos, trying to produce "sonic artwork" if you will. When I would finish a project, very few of those who did follow me on Facebook and Instagram seemed interested in the final product. I'm not really one for adding gimmicks to get attention for my work. People like it or they don't. I finally came to the point where I'm okay with that. So, I decided that, instead of doing all the work to place these things on social media, I'd focus more on creating and less on promoting. I still have an online presence (obviously), but now I'm more focused on websites that I use in my craft (for instance YouTube, Soundcloud, Spotify, MuseScore, etc.). 

Not Able to Get New Followers 

Even after paying for advertising there were no new followers. As I said before, I understand that there are very few people into what I do, but eventually you get to a point and ask yourself, "why am I doing this?" Why AM I doing this? 
  1. I play the music and record and shoot videos because I want to share the Gospel with as many people as I'm able. Part of this is doing that. 
  2. I love music. I think it's one of the most beautiful things God has given us on this planet. 
  3. I heard someone else say recently, don't look for numbers, look for what you can do to encourage others. I believe music is a form of encouragement. So...
Just in case you were wondering why there are no Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram, or any of the rest of "Social Media" on my site.... that's pretty much why.